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Why JC Canvas PH?

JC Canvas PH has been Trusted by Numerous Businesses and Industry Since 2017

Our Company Is a Manufacturer and Direct Supplier of High-Quality
Canvas Bags & Eco Bags in the Philippines That Are Appropriate for All of Your Needs.

Canvas Tote Bags

Our Best Sellers Hand Made Canvas Tote Bags

Tote Bags

Eco-Friendly Appeal

Canvas & eco bags provide a fantastic opportunity for businesses to promote their brand and increase brand visibility.

By printing your logo, slogan, or contact information on bags, you turn them into walking billboards that carry your message wherever they go.

Whether you distribute them as promotional items, sell them as merchandise, or use them in your day-to-day operations, canvas & eco bags with your brand printed on them create lasting impressions and increase brand recognition.

Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring Backpack & Pouch

Perfect For Your Traveling

We Do Customize Print On Eco & Canvas Bags

Printing on canvas & eco bags offers a sustainable and visually appealing way to showcase your brand, express your creativity,
and make a positive impact on the environment. Whether it's for promotional purposes, personalization, or artistic expression.

We Utilize Cutting-Edge Printing Technology and Equipment to Deliver Premium-Quality Prints.

Who We Work With?

Hundreds Of Businesses Have Trusted JC Canvas PH With Their Corporate Giveaways, Souvenirs, and Personal-Use of Eco & Canvas Bags.

Environmental News & More

Get the latest environmental news and debates on the ongoing climate crisis. Stay up to date with the latest news

22 / June

Embracing Eco-Friendliness: The Timeless Allure of Canvas Bags

In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness have taken center stage, individuals are seeking alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint and make responsible choices. One such choice that has...

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27 / April

Top 21 Benefits Of Jute And Jute Bags 2023

Top 21 Benefits Of Jute And Jute Bags 2023     1. What Jute Is Made Of?   Jute is a natural fiber with a golden and silky shine because...

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27 / April

Top 8 Advantages Of Eco Friendly Bags 2023

  Gone are the days. When people used to take Plastic Bags for their everyday shopping. People are now getting aware of how Plastic Bags harm the environment and wildlife.     ...

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